White Water Rafting in Kolad

A Never-Ending Adventure Activity

White Water Rafting

When we think about White Water Rafting (WWR), our adrenalin pushes faster with the thought of this widely popular sport as it delivers excitement, thrill and health benefits. The first white water rafting expedition took place at Snake River in Wyoming in 1811, however it was not successful due to non-availability of suitable gear or training. As of today, when it comes to adventure, no other sport can beat the thrill of sailing in the midst of foamy water in a raft that is something no adventurer could afford to miss.

Benefits Of White-Water Rafting:-

Apart from the thrills and spills, there are some wonderful benefits of white-water rafting:-

White Water Rafting, Kolad | Empower Activity Camps
  • It impacts a lot on our mind and body, as a result, this sport reduces stress, anxiety and depression by releasing happy hormones.
  • This sport requires endurance and stamina for successful completion. The participants need to exercise their physical abilities to cut through the water stream which puts a positive effect in their cardiovascular system and also the overall health.
  • Rafting boosts our self-esteem and self-confidence. This sport requires the participants to navigate a flowing river, so after successful accomplishment, it gives a sense of well being and increase in confidence to handle various other difficult tasks as they appear in regular life.
  • Talking about group bonding, it is an excellent opportunity to bond with the teammates as it is a team sport to achieve a similar goal. While participating in this task, participants get to learn many social skills and life-changing values.
  • The breath-taking excitement of white water rafting gives you an experiential and unforgettable boost to the adrenalin rush.
  • We all know that rafting requires intense physical activity, which creates a fit body and as we conquer the wild water, the entire body and mind experience a great workout.

Kundalika River And Empower Activity Camps

Kundalika river and Empower Activity Camps is surrounded by blissful presence of mother nature, which creates a therapeutic treatment for all souls, especially during the monsoon. Overcoming the obstacles and completing the activities successfully brings a positive psychological change in an individual. Our excellence in adventure activities and experiential learning will make you a pro in white water rafting providing you with the best experience you could have with safety, training and world-class gears provided by our trainers and experts. The only white water rafting location in this part of the country.

White Water Rafting, Kolad | Empower Activity Camps

The source of Kundalika River is from Tamhini Ghat and it flows through Kolad village and is a perfect place for white water rafting. This rafting activity is conducted between two dams which are about 12Kms apart. Rafting starts at the lower side of Bhira Dam and runs into Dolwahal Dam since there is no unfamiliar change in the water level, this river is highly safe and has been recognized as a water sports hub. Enjoy rafting in this 12Kms water stretch which is full of exciting rapids making it a fun-filled 2hrs activity.

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