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Empower Activity Camps Provides Experiential Learning Programme in Mumbai.

With increasing competency in Mumbai, which is the industrial hub and the commercial capital of India, we at Empower Camp have come up with several training programs for the employees.

In an endeavour to modify the traditional academic setting, a more practical approach is adapted by schools now a day. Schools have started adding experiential learning in their curriculum to enhance students intellectual, creativity, and ability to solve problems.

Leadership Training Negotiations | Empower Activity Camps
Leadership Training Coaching | Empower Activity Camps

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience. These learning programs include:

• Field trips,
• Service-learning projects,
• Internship,
• Adventure Camp,
• Study abroad, etc.

Since the learning programs are designed to craft student’s intellectual and creative ability, it should be on par with the classroom training. Keeping that aspect in the forefront, Empower activity camps offers experiential learning programme in Mumbai.

School Students Experiential Learning

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How students find this program helpful?

Enhances Creativity:

When dealing with real-life problems, there is more than one approach to solving a problem. When students put their minds together to find a solution collectively, more creative solutions are received.

These experiential learning activities not only induce creative minds but also teach students to work in a team. However, one can solely opt for dedicated programs for team building activities in Mumbai.

Leadership Training Coaching | Empower Activity Camps
Leadership Training Communication | Empower Activity Camps

Learning attitude:

Various activities help students learn by engaging their emotions. Students take pride when their hard work is paid off in terms of the desired outcome. It makes them feel more enthusiastic about learning a new topic.

Improved learning ability:

Practising a skill is more effective than the traditional method of reading theories from a book. Here, students get the exposure they need, and that accelerates the learning speed.

With the help of experiential learning programmes in Mumbai, schools have enriched the quality of education.

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Prepare to deal with Real life:

Most activities we include in our programme are for students to learn through real-life situations. They are given opportunities to work in a team, deduce a plan of action, set targets and work together. These help build trust, leadership skills and critical thinking ability.

Prepare to deal with Real life:

Mistakes are inevitable, but fearing them won’t make your task easier. Hence, the programmes students participate in teaching them the importance of trial by error methods.

The best outcome we observed is, students, don’t fear to make mistakes and take a learning lesson from each of them.

Leadership Training Negotiations | Empower Activity Camps

One Major experiential learning programme in Mumbai we offer is:

Adventure Camps

Not only students but teachers, principals, and parents too, get benefits from it. Children are the fundamental unit of society and their academic learning not only affect their individual life but the whole community.

The objective of adventure camps is to empower them with life skills and develop personalities in a fun way.

Choose us as your Outbound Training Partner, and unlock the full potential of your team. Let’s embark on a journey of growth and success together!

What can you expect from these programs?

Positive thinking



Out of the box solutions

A real-life solution to problems

We at Empower Activity Camps make sure the program doesn’t only contain a fun factor but should teach disguised lessons along the way. Because of our enriched program layout, we are recognised as one of the best Adventure camp organisers in Mumbai.

Apart from experiential programmes, we offer corporate training, empowering students, workshops and different adventure camps etc. To find out more about our diverse services, contact us.

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