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Empower Camp is making experiential learning programs popular among young corporates. Pune being one of the top IT hubs is inculcating such programs to improvise your skills and competencies to keep growing in the career ladder.

The experiential learning programme in Pune is designed for working professionals to help you build on their existing skills and use them in a differentiated manner. It will also help you in bringing out your latent talents to the limelight and eventually learn to master those techniques.

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Features of experiential learning programme


The teaching and approaching techniques involved in experiential education programs are full of activities that rely completely on your innovation and creativity. These education programs involve practical tasks that you are required to complete within a stipulated timeframe.

Since the learning programs are designed to craft student’s intellectual and creative ability, it should be on par with the classroom training. Keeping that aspect in the forefront, Empower activity camps offers experiential learning programme in Pune.

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The defining features of such training programs are mentioned below:


You are likely to be actively involved in the tasks you are asked to perform, hence you will be able to relate to the stress and challenges that come along with it.

At Empower Camp, we focus on your emotional engagement as the activities involve cognitive and decision-making skills. Besides, in the case of team activities, you will also have to plan and strategize for accomplishing the objective.

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The tasks are usually relatable to real-world problems and help in preparing you for future living as well. Pune has some beautiful green locations where these course activities can be carried out.

The experiential learning programme in Pune is based on real-life and can help you to prepare for unforeseen situations.


These events are organized in regular intervals, and if you are a consistent participant, you will be able to relate to the previous drills and can easily improve your skills largely.

This eventually leads to further growth of your skills too.

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The learning environment at Empower Camp is generally safe and friendly. This will give you an opportunity to fail without fearing the social or professional consequences.

The educators are supportive and they provide ample space for you to improve at your own pace.

Benefits of experiential learning:

The benefits of such experiential learning workshops are Multifood. Besides providing relief from the monotonous work environment to inculcating confidence in you, these training sessions are highly advantageous.

The benefits of training at Empower Camp are discussed hereunder:

  • It helps in faster learning by strengthening neural connections of the brain with regular activities.
  • You will feel encouraged for your achievements and it boosts your overall confidence.
  • You also get an opportunity to be creative in your own way thereby giving an upthrust to your innovative skills.
  • The training gives you a real-life experience with hands-on tasks.

With Empower Camp, the experiential learning programme in Pune has been effective in incorporating firm experiences with unprecedented concepts into the professionals like you. As you indulge in activities that require extensive brain usage, it helps you to brush up and improvise your skills.

Once the training is over, you will return with positive energy and good vibes and can perform better in your workplace.

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What can you expect from these programs?

Positive thinking



Out of the box solutions

A real-life solution to problems

We at Empower Activity Camps make sure the program doesn’t only contain a fun factor but should teach disguised lessons along the way. Because of our enriched program layout, we are recognised as one of the best Adventure camp organisers in Mumbai.

Apart from experiential programmes, we offer corporate training, empowering students, workshops and different adventure camps etc. To find out more about our diverse services, contact us.

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