“Leaders – bounce back up with your teams now – They depend on You”

While we all face this difficult and uncertain time, when it comes to life, so many weeks of lockdown was not all that long a period, though it appeared so when it started. We now understand the value it had in our lives, and how it helped us to appreciate Life. Now, suddenly, it seems we are losing patience and an atmosphere is emerging suggesting that everything is normal since unlock down has begun. Yes, it should get normal but we need to yet have lots of more patience, and we have to continue to Stay safe, Calm, remain Focused, be Bold, and yet remain Responsible.

At Empower Activity Camps we are keeping the Morale of our Team High. Empower is a venture of Senior Army Veterans with vast experience of leadership, decision making, planning, disaster management and such important subjects which are the need of the hour.

Team Outbound Training with Social Distancing | Empower Activity Camps

All leaders need to take care of the health and morale of their teams. It is important now for leaders to tactfully handle their workforce and this needs the leadership of a high standard. These are testing times for leadership and let us gear up to rebound back with speed.

We now should be quickly shifting gears and gaining momentum to run our businesses. A lot of innovations and new ideas have to be implemented which will involve detailed planning, which includes contingency plans as the second wave of Coronavirus can well hit us, even as we are not yet out of the first wave.

As people come out of lockdown they should be exposed to openness, fresh air, open skies, and lots of sunlight. This will be required to rejuvenate them and get them out of a feeling of suffocation, having been enclosed in apartments and societies for so long. To take care of that, we at Empower Activity Camps have remodelled our concept to suit present requirements. We have taken the following actions:

  • Educated and trained our admin and training staff to norms of social distancing, hygiene, sanitation, wearing of masks, gloves and so on.
  • The accommodation has been reorganized by changing the placement of furniture to maintain the required distances and also by reducing occupancy per room.
  • Similarly, the dining area has been reorganized to maintain distance.
  • We are prepared to run team building activities, keeping social distancing and other mandatory requirements in mind.
  • We will have rejuvenating morning /evening light-exercise sessions under the open sky, to bring in freshness.
  • We will conduct indoor and outdoor training on decision making, planning, contingency planning, leadership, and disaster management keeping the present scenario in mind.

We are now fully prepared to join hands with corporates and companies who are getting their employees out of lockdown after such a long time. They can get their teams in small numbers, of 25 or so to our camp, spread over 50 acres of lush green open land with a hill and lake on either side, to charge them up and reactivate them for work in offices in the new changed environment, or even work from home. This will give them an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, learn, and reconnect with the team members.

We will also conduct OBT at the premises of companies in case they do not want to yet come to our training & adventure resort in Kolad.

WE WILL REBOUND strongly together, be prepared for it. Please remember the words “WE WILL”. As we navigate the next few weeks together, Empower Activity Camps is there with YOU.

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