Military training techniques are often associated with war, although business leaders can definitely learn several useful lessons from them. Discipline, high standards, leadership and execution of task are just a few of the qualities that comprise a strong and profitable company. A significant number of business ventures and projects are completed through teamwork, so a cohesive unit is crucial. Company owners and managers who implement these techniques frequently see increased profits, better employee performance and an enhanced reputation for their business.

The Empower team has an Army Veteran at the helm. Defence personnel are known for their discipline, leadership and team-building skills. But there is more to being an army officer.

Team-Building Skills | Empower Activity Camps

The onerous task of safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation is fraught with risks; and perhaps there is no other profession where trust, teamwork and effective communication can mean the difference between losing lives and saving them. Our founding team is from the forces and has combined their learnings from their highly demanding, yet deeply enriching profession to come up with programs that can benefit one and all.

Better Teamwork

One of the first things that new recruits learn in basic training is that the individual matters less than the overall team. A particular member’s problems and shortcomings need to be addressed promptly so that they do not drag the rest of the unit’s morale down. Valuable members of a business team do not seek to further only their own agendas or take actions based only on their own preferences. They instead consider every angle of a certain action and how it could possibly affect the rest of the team and business.

In order to achieve a mission, the military teaches you that it takes a team watching each other’s backs while doing their individual best. That’s why the military has training exercises and holds everyone accountable. At your company, you can ensure that you strategically choose team members and fully train them so they can offer their best efforts. Everyone is also held accountable for their work

Taking care of your people allows them to take care of their work. No one goes it alone in the military and the same holds true for business. Teamwork builds successful companies.

Better Teamwork | Empower Activity Camps

An Effective Leader Makes an Exceptional Team

Leaders who are trained in the military or from the armed forces know that creating leaders who take action for the benefit of the entire unit and for accomplishing common objectives are crucial for any business.

The quality of leadership often determines a company’s success. Exceptional leaders are able to motivate groups of people with diverse personalities and backgrounds. They are also able to foster loyalty and commitment to a company without becoming overbearing or autocratic.

At Empower you can learn everything about being a leader from military service, including discipline, consistency, ethics and respect. Our Veteran Army team helps you also learn how to care for others who were under you and also your peers.

Resourcefulness, Flexibility and Persistence

Army personnel bring a sense of resourcefulness, boldness and leadership not seen in people with civilian backgrounds. They’ve been faced with the challenge of getting a job done without access to the resources that would ideally be available and under adverse conditions. This resourcefulness is a highly desirable employee trait for business owners trying to grow with limited resources at hand. They also bring to the table a keen ability to stick through difficult tasks and see them through to completion.

In our specially designed training programs at Empower Activity Camps, these are the skills we inculcate among our trainees. We create boot camp scenarios and mock missions which makes the teams challenge their physical and mental capabilities while optimising the scant resources given to them.

After completing such high-intensity tasks, the group has a better understanding and motivation to implement creative & lateral solutions to challenges in their everyday work lives. As at times perceived these programmes are not physically too intensive but are challenging.

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