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Corporate Outbound Training: Explore top-tier experiential learning at Empower Activity Camps!

Founded by a dedicated Veteran ARMY Officer, Empower Activity Camps is a passion-driven company committed to empowering individuals through experiential learning in the great outdoors.

Nestled amidst 50 acres of breathtaking, pollution-free resort, conveniently located near KOLAD on the Mumbai Goa Highway, just 2.5 hours drive from Vashi, Mumbai, or Chandni Chowk, Pune.

Our motto, “Learn’n Leisure,” embodies our unwavering dedication to providing a unique blend of learning and leisure experiences. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while we ensure your safety and tranquillity within this serene environment.

                      Empowering people by helping them discover                   their own strengths…

Choose us as your Outbound Training Partner, and unlock the full potential of your team. Let’s embark on a journey of growth and success together!

Why Choose Corporate Outbound Training at Empower Activity Camps?


Empower Activity Camps offers premier corporate outbound training programs designed to foster team cohesion, leadership development, and personal growth. With a unique blend of adventure activities and experiential learning, our programs empower participants to unlock their full potential, enhance communication skills, and build resilience. Led by experienced facilitators, our tailored programs ensure an immersive and impactful learning experience for teams of all sizes. Choose Empower Activity Camps for a transformative corporate training experience that drives success and fosters lasting connections within your organization.


We Transform Mindsets
to Enhance Effectiveness

We achieve this objective by using an experiential learning platform during outbound training. Put plainly, it is self-learning while having super-fun with adventure and outdoor activities.

Our specially customize modules are effective learning tools for various age groups in all spheres – Corporate as well as the Academic world.

Corporate Team Building Training

Corporate Outbound Training (OBT)

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Corporate Outbound Training

Corporate Team Building Training

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Corporate Leadership Training

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Corporate Outbound Training | Empower Activity Camps

Unlocking Potential, Embracing Adventure: The Empower Activity Camps Advantage

Discover the Difference of Empower Activity Camps!

Are you seeking a transformative experience that blends learning, adventure, and scenic beauty all in one?

Look no further than Empower Activity Camps! With our unrivalled infrastructure, breathtaking location in Kolad – just a short drive from both Mumbai and Pune – and a commitment to global outreach, we proudly present a range of Outbound training programs that cater to all your needs.

At Empower Activity Camps, we blend learning, adventure, and global exposure to create an experience that leaves a lasting impact on participants from all walks of life. Join us today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment!

Why Choose Us as Your Outbound Training Partner?

Nature’s Abode: Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Kolad, our campsite provides the perfect backdrop for a truly enriching experience. Surrounded by nature’s bounty, our location encourages growth, learning, and exploration.

Adventure Awaits: At Empower Activity Camps, we believe that learning is best when combined with adventure. Our adventure-friendly environment invites you to push your limits, conquer challenges, and gain valuable life skills along the way.

Top-Notch Infrastructure: Our inbuilt state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that your learning journey is both comfortable and seamless. From well-equipped training facilities to modern amenities, we leave no stone unturned in providing the best experience.

Global Reach: Beyond Kolad, we take pride in conducting training programs in various locations and resorts worldwide. From the vibrant cities of the U.S.A and Singapore to the tropical havens of the Philippines and Kuwait, our expertise knows no bounds.

Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced trainers and facilitators are dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. With their guidance and support, you’ll gain invaluable insights and skills that transcend borders.

Tailored Experiences: We understand that each individual and group is unique. Hence, our programs are highly customizable to suit your specific objectives and preferences, ensuring an unforgettable and personalized journey.

Interested in learning more about our Programs? Get in Touch!

Corporate and Adventure Activity | Empower Activity Camps

Empower Activity Camps – Leisure breaks

You could be a high-flying corporate executive, or a student still figuring out life, a businessman, home maker or an artist. Whoever you are, and whatever you do, we do need an occasional break from our stressful day to day city lives.

Empower is the perfect destination. It provides a serene environment amidst lush green outdoors, a host of adventure and fun activities to keep you engaged and destress you during your stay here, sumptuous freshly cooked buffet meals, a caring and friendly service staff and loads of memories to go back with.

Why are we different?

Lovely landscaped location with a hill on one and a lake on the other side; where fresh air reaches not just your lungs, but also soothens your soul.

Your journey doesn’t stop at reaching Empower Camps. From here, we will take you on another journey, much more meaningful, where you will discover the heights of your abilities and the depths of your inner strengths.

We help you find your own hidden potential which will amaze you.


Deluxe Cottages (AC)
Quad, Triple & Double Occupancy

Swiss Cottage Tents (AC/Air Cooled)
Quad, Triple & Double Occupancy

Dormitory (Modern, AC)
Min 10 & Max 18Pax per Dom

Corporate Outbound Training in Mumbai | Empower Activity Camps

Corporate Outbound Training in Mumbai

Empower Activity Camps Brings Out Your Creativity with Outbound Training in Mumbai

Corporate Outbound Training in Pune | Empower Activity Camps

Corporate Outbound Training in Pune

Empower Activity Camps Nudges Your Latent Skills with Outbound Training in Pune

Team Building Training in Mumbai | Empower Activity Camps

Team Building Training in Mumbai

Empower Activity Camps Offers Corporate Team Building Training in Mumbai

Blindfold Activity | Empower Activity Camps

Team Building Training in Pune

Empower Activity Camps Brings You Corporate Team Building in Pune

Camp with us and discover
yourself, truly Empowered!

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FAQs on Corporate Outbound Training @EmpowerCamp

What is the focus of Empower Activity Camp's corporate programs?

Empower Activity Camp’s corporate programs focus on providing experiential learning and team-building experiences for businesses and organizations. They aim to enhance teamwork, leadership skills, communication, and problem-solving abilities among employees.

What types of corporate programs does Empower Activity Camps offer?

Empower Activity Camps offers a range of corporate programs, including corporate outbound training, team-building workshops, leadership development sessions, and customized training solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of each organization.

Are Empower Activity Camp's corporate programs suitable for all types of businesses and organizations?

Yes, Empower Activity Camp’s corporate programs are designed to cater to a wide range of businesses and organizations, regardless of their size or industry. The programs can be customized to align with the unique goals and challenges of each organization.

Where are Empower Activity Camp's corporate programs conducted?

Empower Activity Camps conducts its corporate programs in various locations, including outdoor campsites, adventure parks, and specially designed training facilities. The specific location can be chosen based on the preferences and needs of the organization.

Are Empower Activity Camp's corporate programs customizable?

Yes, Empower Activity Camps offers customizable corporate programs to suit the specific requirements and objectives of each organization. They work closely with clients to tailor the activities, workshops, and challenges to meet their unique needs.

How long do the corporate programs typically last?

The duration of Empower Activity Camp’s corporate programs can vary based on the specific requirements and goals of the organization. They can range from a single day to multiple days, allowing for immersive learning experiences.

What are the benefits of participating in Empower Activity Camp's corporate programs?

Participating in Empower Activity Camp’s corporate programs can lead to improved teamwork, enhanced communication, strengthened leadership skills, increased employee engagement, boost morale, and a positive impact on overall productivity and performance.

How can businesses and organizations inquire about Empower Activity Camp's corporate programs?

Businesses and organizations can visit the Empower Activity Camps website (https://empowercamp.com/corporate) to gather more information about their corporate programs. They can also contact Empower Camp directly through the provided contact information on the website to inquire about specific details, customization options, and pricing.


Camp Office: 263, Sutarwadi,
Taluka Roha, Distt Raigad, Maharashtra – 402 304.

Camp Site: Village Kudli,
14 Km Off Kolad, Taluka Roha, Distt Raigad, Maharashtra – 402 308.
Office Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

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