You totally deserve the aploases for making our trip such good...

 This is small feed back which I would like to give you on behalf of our family & specially from our bday boy.
                 As we visited with our family on 5th march to enjoy my nephew bday. We started our trip with full enjoyment as we expecting to have big blast over der. As v reached we were welcomed  warmly from all of your staff rite from the entrance severed with welcome juice with gud breakfast. As I DNT remember the all names of your staff. But the hospitality was to gud very humble.
                  Each & every activities we did was very gud with all the safety majors all thanks to your team who guided properly rite from the word go. Excellent food  & excellent environment was created by all staff members over der. Wish to have some more activities. You totally deserve the aploases for making our trip such good.
              Thanking you once again from behalf of my family. We are looking forward to come again and enjoy and explore more of your activities..

An engaging session indeed

Greetings from ITC Grand Chola !
Thank you for your email. It was indeed our privilege to organise a short programme delivered by you for our team members. Each one of them gave an
extremely positive feedback for the programme and appeared to be highly motivated after attending your programme. I could make out that your
session was indeed very engaging and every participant was actively involved in the activities that were being conducted. In the end, I feel,
the programme met the objectives that were outlined to you.

I thank you for taking time for conducting this session for us. We would
definitely explore opportunities in future to conduct many more programmes
in future.

Thank you and Regards,
Regional Manager South,
Learning Services,

Testimonial - Positive Transformation

First of all, I need to thank you for proffering us, such an alluring experience in between the lap of mother nature which we hardly get a chance to practice in our daily life.

 Secondly, I really boast of gaining all those outstanding experiences which we have acquired through your commendable trainings schedules.

I honestly pledge to implement all the knowledge powered by you where ever relevant in both my “Professional”  as well as “Personal life” .......and I am sure it would bring out lots of positive transformation within me in the coming days.....

Wish you and your entire team a great success.

Warm Regards,

Sushavan Chatterjee

Area Sales Manager

Nilkamal Ltd.

They went as individuals but came back as 'one' Firestar

Thanks for your Outbound Leadership and Team Building Training given to Sr. Firestar team.

We had a good Time of Learning with Good Physical fitness activities and Games. I know your physical activities and games made them tired due to they are not habitual in their daily routine but I am Sure they All become Mentally Very Strong by learning lesson from all activities, what they can DO where they were feeling they can’t do before attempting those games and activates ...

When they left from Mumbai to Kolad in bus, I saw them, they were from different dept and Location and when I saw them while returning, I found they all are from Firestar.
Hoping to get continuous guidance from you to my team members time to time to become better than Before always at every stage in their Life.

Thanks for your all your Hospitality with Fantastic Food .
Please convey my sincere thanks to Anand , Pratap and all other team members whoever has directly or indirectly helped to make our training super successful.

Anup Pancha
COO, Firestar Diamond

My girls TASHI N KHUSHI have returned as such joyful children

In this journey of LIFE there are always memories that last a lifetime and Empower has done just that .....
My girls TASHI N KHUSHI have returned as such joyful children from the camp they attended with you. The camp has brought out the most embedded qualities in my girls "THEIR LOVE for NATURE ". You have helped them not only to connect with nature but even sensitise them on the dire need to help us conserve it .

The team building games where they had to put their trust in their partners / team members helped them evolve as better individuals.
And the activities brought out a joy of accomplishing the tasks given to them,the pride of accepting a challenge and fulfilling it gave their moral a huge boost.

Made them realise that nothing they set themselves to achieve was impossible... Thru their entire camp they didn't miss home one bit and that is the efforts and care taken by the entire team. Kudos to all of you for helping these kids to get world ready....
Thanking you once again for giving them a memory of a lifetime. Surely they are going to keep coming back for more such moments.
Wishing you all the very best in helping shape these beautiful young minds.

Dharini Rastogi

A happy and proud mom of Tashi & Khushi of SVKM

Noticed a major change...

I am so thankful to Team Empower for such a lovely experience Trisha had. She and we will always cherish it. Also I have noticed a major change for the better in my daughter. Hopefully she and my younger daughter will have many more such empowering experiences at Camp Empower.

Thanking You!

Archana Malhotra

Proud mom of Trisha Malhotra AVM Juhu

A butterfly emerged out of a caterpillar

Empower Activity Camps was one of the best things that happened to my 8 year old.

Though I knew the whole Empower team through my earlier work place, I was worried as a mother to send my 8 year old for a 4 day camp. That too his first camp. But my worries were put to rest at the very onset when Neelu was in the bus to take the kids to the camp site. Once they reached the camp site on Day one my son called me at night and said "Mom, it's nice here. but i miss you." My heart skipped a beat....questions pounding...did i do the right thing? Isn't he too young to be on his own? "...

I battled through a sleepless night. But starting next day my son needed to be cajoled to call home. He was enjoying himself by making new friends, having new learning experiences, making memories that will last for a lifetime. He thoroughly enjoyed the flying fox and raft building activity. The blindfolded(trust) walk was something he tried with his friends when he returned home. His confidence level has gone a notch higher post this camp.

I really am grateful to the Team Empower for ensuring that our kids get life skills which will help them survive and be successful and happy in this world. Looking forward to the parent-child summer camp this year. I believe as a parent the most difficult thing is to let go of the invisible 'umbilical cord'...but do it once and you will see a butterfly emerge out of a caterpillar!

Empower Camp is incomparable...

I totally agree to what you've mentioned about 'camping at Empower '...  the thought process which goes into planning ,execution and expected learning of all the activities and not -to -forget the delicious sumptuous meals, aren't something which are either available, or at par at any other camp.  The quality and care offered at your camp is incomparable.
I'm glad I took the decision to send my son Narayan to Empower . The thoroughly enjoyable enduring experience, I'm sure, will stay with him for life..
My heart felt gratitude and best wishes to you and your team to make this such an amazing experience....
I do hope ,you keep doing the great job ... For all the kids who'll need this exposure in life.
Including my younger son and his group ,who's already planning to camp with you all very soon.. 🙂
A happy mom
Ambika Vijan
mother of Narayan of AVM Juhu

an eye opener...

 I think I speak for all the mothers when I say that these past few days we've all been getting up eagerly awaiting mail from base camp Empower to peek into our kids fantastic time,wishing that we were also there !
What better ambassadors than the present 33 Kids to spread the word about Empower ?! They now leave the enclosure of avm to join different schools and colleges and these foot soldiers of your camp will surely entice more recruits to become happy empower campers too.
This camp has not only been an eye opener for the kids but also fort the parents as to how much more our kids are capable of than we thought and that they can rise to the challenge when the situation demands.
Three cheers for Empower ! ! !
Awon Keishing
Mother of Alia Soni of AVM Juhu

Empower is Awesome !

I feel so privileged that i was a part of the Empower Camp and got an opportunity to gain so much from you! No flattering words sir but its a heart felt thank you and i feel lucky that was there under your guidance. It was very sweet of you that you remember my both names even now it brings a smile to my face. 🙂


It was a lifetime experience and i will never forget those 4 fun-filled days where i became physically as well mentally stronger. Now i can take my decisions in a more firm way! No more mobile addiction that's the biggest take-away!

Empower is Awesome!!!

Kajal Dasani 
Systems & finance || 2013-15
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management


Faculty Enrichment

It was a marvelous experience interacting with you in the Faculty Enrichment workshop and it was really a very learning experience for us. You have taught us one more thing beyond experiential learning and that is the importance of fitness as after looking at your fitness levels and energy levels it felt like that we need to work a lot on this aspect also.

Hope to keep listening more and more from you........
Wonder clap.....
Prof Neeraj Gupta
Lovely Professional University

Testimonial - Variance

Your attempt was indeed a lifetime experience

Dear  Sir,

Warm greetings

Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging mail. Each word carries weight and height.  I was just rejoicing the beautiful photographs that I downloaded today.  They were really refreshing and reminding me about the wonderful time we spent together. Your attempt was indeed a lifetime experience. We are working with great zeal towards the target envisaged and hope we will accomplish it. QQ theory is very important aspect which one needs to remember.

Thank you so much for motivating each one of us.

Best regards,

Richa Tripathi


Mount Litera Zee School


" .. fully charged up "

Dear Brig Bhasin,
It was a wonderful experience while we the Ricoh India Team spent the weekend at Empower Activity Camps for our Service Team Outing.
Thanks to Madhu who introduced me to the MAD camp for the kids.
Viewing the pictures I am sure the kids are having a wonderful time.
Adrian & Daniel were all fully charged up to attend the camp & I take this opportunity to thank you & all at Empower who are making this a memorable camp for the kids.
Thanking you,
Savio Ferreira

"Thank u for instilling a new confidence in me."

Sir i wud lik to thank u to instill a new confidence in me. now i ll take in each n every thing in ma life as a task n i wud consider as if m gonna be marked by sum diff person( teacher) every time sometimes my parents, sum tim professor and sumtimes god. I am a very shy person actually speaking i cant speak out in public tat easily, i shiver wen i hav to make ma point. but i think i ll do it better than before jus coz of u sir. and one more thing u r the only teacher in ma whole life who has noticed me so much. from school times i have being trying to show my talents but was every time unsuccesful coz i cudn cum out of ma shell.

thanks to u sir..!!!

Priya Gandhi

Student IES MCRC

2009 - 11

'Training brings out a man out of a boy ......'

If you think a Brigadier only follows a set of rules or imposes it... then you should once meet Sushil Bhasin, all your such perceptions will scatter into pieces. He shows how life starts at 40. How you can be 60 years young.How one hill sorrunded resort can be an ideal place of learning.His training brings out a man out of a boy. An executive out of trainee. A self-disciplined personality out of a reckless fellow. Simply... he changes lives!

Sudhansu Swain

Engineer at POSCO

The Sunday will be our memorable day...

'Thanx for making our Sunday an experiential learning , with all around happiness , n we had learnt a lot , it will surly help in our future. ...  EMPOWER ACTIVITY CAMP ROCKSSS, D SUNDAY WILL ALWAYS BE OUR MEMORABLE DAY, WE LOVED D SUNDAY A LOT......'

Rohn Tarkari


Universal Business School


Universal Business School

' A teacher says.....

First of all Thank you very much for those motivating activities. I liked your orientation and I enjoyed a lot. I also learnt new things from your orientation and I kindly request you to send me these kind of motivating material in future also on my ID.

Thanks and Regards

Shinam Chandel

IT Teacher

SPIPS, Shimla

‘heaven on earth’

Ever wondered that you book an adventure camp online, see photographs, view visitor's comments and see various ratings on the net, compelling enough for you to visit the place, right?

But what if, for a change, all the above are authentic?

Welcome to the EMPOWER CAMPS at Kolad, the place where nothing is ersatz, no declaration on the website is exaggerated to what is factually waiting for you to be experienced. No age barriers, no comparative levels of enthusiasm, no limitations to adrenaline rushes and unadulterated nature at its unsurpassed and unimaginable thrust.

Other than the polite, supportive and utmost caring personnel, the Directors personally visit each guest to ensure that the best facilities on offer reach each and every visitor.

Visited this ‘heaven on earth’ today and believe me, if it was not for professional commitments, I would not have rushed back to this concrete jungle.

Thanks Brig Bhasin for your unrivaled facilities extended to us which have rejuvenated our mind, body and soul. Looking forward and planning our next visit very very soon.

Yogesh Bhardwaj
Criminal Lawyer
Bombay High Court

'Tremendous learning ....

I have personally had the opportunity to spend time at Brig. Bhasin’s camp on more than one occasion, and must say that the team and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, not to mention the tremendous learning that we were able to imbibe – learning that, as he very rightly states, is there to stay!

Again, reading about experiential learning is just ‘one part of the story’ – going through it is quite another.

I would wholeheartedly vouch for a closer look and feel – on the ground, so to say.


Arun Nagpal
Business Head
Switch Masters Ltd, Delhi

Faculty Enrichment Workshop

It indeed was an honor to interact with you and your highly energetic team. Yes, there were eye opening disclosures to us about ourselves.  I want to congratulate you and your team, as you are somewhere still contributing to our nation in a unique way. Kudos , once again, kindly keep up the great work .

Mrs Kanishtha Joshi

Teacher, Army Public School, Mumbai

"Its like a landmark in my life"

I do recall every single thing i did at EMPOWER it actually empowered me..i can never forget such a wonderful trip ever in my life..I am really grateful to IES MCRC as well as EMPOWER for bringing out the capabilities of people even they do not know they have..
I really had the most wonderful time ever at Empower..
I challenged myself and was successful in overcoming the challenges too ..
Its like a landmark in my life Sir..Really grateful to you all..Thank you Sir and keep up the wonderful work!!
Go Empower!!

Dinu Mathew

Student, IES MCRC, Bandra Mumbai

Life changing experience

If you're a corporate leader seeking to give your team that has been dragging its legs some confidence-boosting, heart-pumping dope, EMPOWER is where you want to go to. From the very cordial staff to the most beautiful surroundings, from physical activity to self-realization, and insane amounts of fun - you can get all of it in the space of three days at EMPOWER. And you come away rejuvenated, stronger in your belief in yourself, more closely bonded to your team than ever.

Arunava Chatterjee



Perfect mix of "camping with comfort."

The Empower camp is a perfect mix of "camping with comfort." The comfort aspect comes not only from the amenities but also from the excellent team of people who ensure that your stay and experiences are truly memorable. This is a place that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. I highly recommend atleast one engagement here.

Pritti Ravindra

Bombay  Realty

Touching Body, mind, intellect and soul

..till you go for a Camp in this unique place....A human being consists of four parts - body, mind, intellect & soul - if you want all these to be touched deeply and transformed healthily, arrive at the peaceful surroundings of nature, punctuated with vibrant energy of Brig. Bhasin and his live-wire team for an experience of a life-time.

From individuals to families to groups to schools to colleges to Corporates, anyone who wishes to beautify his life in a meaningful way must spend some time in this Camp. We did - and our lives were changed for the better, for all time to come. Don't accept these words - till you experience it yourself...........

Prof. Arun Patil

(MET Institute of Management, Mumbai)

Awesome Youth Camp

I am writing in to let you know once again how awesome our camp was all thanks to you. I was wondering, sir, if it would be possible if yo could write a recommendation letter for me.  

Thank you for the brilliant camp and the amazing learning experience. 
Saania Jamal.
Aga Khan Youth Camp

I learned a lot from you sir and will try to apply those learnings in my day to day work...

It was a great experience. I learned a lot from you and will try to apply those learning in my day to day work. 
Thank you very much for teaching me such a valuable lessons.
MET E-MBA- CII 2012-2014

We feel energized after the three days

We feel energized after the three days at your wonderful facility. I wholeheartedly welcome you to our team and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership that will ensure Polygenta achieve its stated goals.

Polygenta Technologies Limited

The Team has been really motivated and energised

The program was excellent and I can tell you that the team has been really motivated and energized. I am sure, we as a team will be able to perform to the fullest capacity, going forward.

I have with me powerful emotions...

I have with me powerful emotions, which I have yet to convert into a real tangible form. Going thru the photos, made me relive these moments, for which I am really thankful to you. There were moments of absolute bliss, regrets that I didn't compete in the flying fox, happiness and being one with nature (floating in the water after the raft building exercise) I am holding a Art workshop for youth, in alliance with Intel youth network for Zapak at Delhi and Mumbai and i hope my qualities are enhanced better. Thanks a ton, again. Will keep in touch.

Rita Amin
Design Manager, Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd

Important thing which i learnt is positive thinking...

It was greatest and thee BEST camp i feel till now from what i have attended.It was a very good experience being there. First when i was told to go and attend,i felt what to go n attend these workshop but now i regret to even feel like that..
You have changed my life. You made us really awake from our sleeps. The biggest and the most important thing which i would always keep in mind or can say take Away is that how we knowingly or unknowingly violate action and rules which we teach to our children at home or school or society and that's the reason why we loose respect from the child when he grows up And another important thing which i learnt is positive thinking,we should never give up thinking that the given task is difficult,and I cannot do it. There are many minor things which play a major roles in our life and you have made me aware of all that like how to maintain Parents-teacher relations,how to wake up a child. I also learn how to handle the worst situation of life,co-ordination,teamwork,achieving goals, communication,concentration,positive thinking,what is a teacher,what quality should a teacher have and where does she stands in society, to respect ourselves, self realization,not to under- estimate ourself and others capabilities.I would like to Thank You sir to design such a programme for us and our Respected Madam who chose us to attend such programme. I THANK YOU SIR AND MADAM. was great being there and learning soooo many things.Thank you again.I will be in touch with you and everybody i met there.
Shraddha Varma

Definitely increased bonding among all of us

Thank you for these sessions. It has definitely increased bond between all of us. I enjoyed all the sessions and will have long lasting memories of the same.

Sunetra Wagh
AVP& SIG Head, Cisco ODC, Zensar Technologies,

Unforgettable experience for my students

Attending the camp was an enriching experience for my boys and girls and of course my staff. It was a real stress buster for me and an unforgettable experience for my students. I would send you the feedback of the students and teachers by Tuesday.

Principal- St Xaviers School, Nagpur

passion to convert challenges into possibilities..

Dear  Brigadier, It  was  a  pleasure  for  TEAM  Endurance  to  be  with  Empower  and  with  the  various  learning  activities  the  TEAM  ENDURANCE  has  NOW  a  passion  to  convert  challenges  into  possibilities  and  together  as  a  TEAM  we  can……….  we  will  make  a  Difference.Our  sincere  thanks  for  the  TEAM  EMPOWER   who  made  it  to  happen!


I miss Empower already!!

Firstly, I miss Empower already!! I wish we were there for a longer time. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable as always, but this time I learnt so many new things too. I feel so lucky that I got the opportunity to absorb these learning from you, and hopefully I will implement them in my future life.’Hariyali’ was the BEST activity cum PT exercise ever.

The Great Escape was as much fun as it taught me the importance of a team. Honestly, if I wasn’t in a team, I would’ve given up during the climb. But I kept going, and I’m glad I did!!!

Passing the ring as always is my favourite. And Three Islands was so enriching.
I would like to thank Yuvraj and Krishna. They were so fantastic during Trust trek and Great escape. Please also convey my gratitude to the entire team, who made our stay comfortable.

And finally I’d like to thank you, for innumerable learnings, and I hope that there are many more to come.
Lots of love,


Let’s Unwind - a truly unwinding and an excellent learning experience

To,The Empower Team.On behalf of Viscomm, please accept our gratitude for making our “Let’s Unwind” a truly unwinding and an excellent learning experience.The Location of the Resort is perfect, one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to, and the staff was warm and courteous. I loved the extra special treatment I got. The only thing more enjoyable than the beautiful Empower camp was the “Hariyali” activity. We shall keep chanting it for years to come! Brig Bhasin’s teachings made us think about ourselves and our company in a different light. A special thanks to Madhu for all the extra efforts. Hoping to be there again, soon.

Visual Communications

Wonderful & thrilling experience at Empower

It was a wonderful & thrilling experience out there. All the Activities were fun and there was a lot of learning too. This was my third Outbound and I enjoyed it the most among all. We also gave a detailed presentation to our managers here narrating all our experiences & they loved it. If given the opportunity, I would definitely like to experience the outbound training program again.

Anand Dave
CSIPS – Property- Capita Offshore pvt ltd

My son came back enriched in various ways

Thank you for the lovely 4 days my son had at Empower Camp. He had a great time as well as a good learning experience .I am sure he is come back enriched in various ways by the various activities he did there . He was happy with the camp as a whole and wants to come back again.I was very happy with the feed back that i got the first day as it put me at ease as I was sure all is well and he is going to enjoy it ( mom’s regular……………worry). Thank you again. We plan to come there with friends sometime in the near future. I am sure you will get a better response as the word gets around.

(Farhaan’s mom- MAD Camp-2012)

Ready to do the challenges in my life

I am ready to do the challenges in my life. I will use all the information, advice, the spirit received from the EMPOWER in my official and personal life. After this program I understood that I was running a life which was not having any planning and goal. Now I understood that planning as well the goal is must for a good life. Yes Sir, I assure you, even silent man, (somebody has given me the remark in my paper jacket meant for goodies only the last day). I will change the way of my existing life to catch the world. As I told during the vote of thanks I will do the time management speed. Thank U and your team members

Suresan Raja K
Mktg, Endurance Systems (I) Pvt Ltd

Camp made me aware of my strengths and weakness

I feel charged and motivated after attending the camp..It was wonderful and UNiQUE experience which I never felt or experienced at any training..Camp made me aware of my strengths and weakness and taken vow to improve upon the weakness and strengthen the strengths… Now I am applying the learning in my everyday's life.... 4 minutes yoga is found to be useful and practicing whenever I feel low in the emotions or tensions…. split pipe experience has made me to rework my strategy... like that each and every activities, I have learned some lessons which is very useful to build up the career and in person.. I would like to have presentation of the whale done as you have mentioned during the activity … I once again, thank you for providing the marvellous experience through practical learning..I would like to earse the word try from my memory

Subramanian Sankararaman
Global Mobile Service Delivery