“Thank u for instilling a new confidence in me.”

Sir i wud lik to thank u to instill a new confidence in me. now i ll take in each n every thing in ma life as a task n i wud consider as if m gonna be marked by sum diff person( teacher) every time sometimes my parents, sum tim professor and sumtimes god. I am a very shy person actually speaking i cant speak out in public tat easily, i shiver wen i hav to make ma point. but i think i ll do it better than before jus coz of u sir. and one more thing u r the only teacher in ma whole life who has noticed me so much. from school times i have being trying to show my talents but was every time unsuccesful coz i cudn cum out of ma shell.

thanks to u sir..!!!

Priya Gandhi

Student IES MCRC

2009 – 11