My girls TASHI N KHUSHI have returned as such joyful children

In this journey of LIFE there are always memories that last a lifetime and Empower has done just that …..
My girls TASHI N KHUSHI have returned as such joyful children from the camp they attended with you. The camp has brought out the most embedded qualities in my girls “THEIR LOVE for NATURE “. You have helped them not only to connect with nature but even sensitise them on the dire need to help us conserve it .

The team building games where they had to put their trust in their partners / team members helped them evolve as better individuals.
And the activities brought out a joy of accomplishing the tasks given to them,the pride of accepting a challenge and fulfilling it gave their moral a huge boost.

Made them realise that nothing they set themselves to achieve was impossible… Thru their entire camp they didn’t miss home one bit and that is the efforts and care taken by the entire team. Kudos to all of you for helping these kids to get world ready….
Thanking you once again for giving them a memory of a lifetime. Surely they are going to keep coming back for more such moments.
Wishing you all the very best in helping shape these beautiful young minds.

Dharini Rastogi

A happy and proud mom of Tashi & Khushi of SVKM