‘heaven on earth’

Ever wondered that you book an adventure camp online, see photographs, view visitor’s comments and see various ratings on the net, compelling enough for you to visit the place, right?

But what if, for a change, all the above are authentic?

Welcome to the EMPOWER CAMPS at Kolad, the place where nothing is ersatz, no declaration on the website is exaggerated to what is factually waiting for you to be experienced. No age barriers, no comparative levels of enthusiasm, no limitations to adrenaline rushes and unadulterated nature at its unsurpassed and unimaginable thrust.

Other than the polite, supportive and utmost caring personnel, the Directors personally visit each guest to ensure that the best facilities on offer reach each and every visitor.

Visited this ‘heaven on earth’ today and believe me, if it was not for professional commitments, I would not have rushed back to this concrete jungle.

Thanks Brig Bhasin for your unrivaled facilities extended to us which have rejuvenated our mind, body and soul. Looking forward and planning our next visit very very soon.

Yogesh Bhardwaj
Criminal Lawyer
Bombay High Court