A butterfly emerged out of a caterpillar

Empower Activity Camps was one of the best things that happened to my 8 year old.

Though I knew the whole Empower team through my earlier work place, I was worried as a mother to send my 8 year old for a 4 day camp. That too his first camp. But my worries were put to rest at the very onset when Neelu was in the bus to take the kids to the camp site. Once they reached the camp site on Day one my son called me at night and said “Mom, it’s nice here. but i miss you.” My heart skipped a beat….questions pounding…did i do the right thing? Isn’t he too young to be on his own? “…

I battled through a sleepless night. But starting next day my son needed to be cajoled to call home. He was enjoying himself by making new friends, having new learning experiences, making memories that will last for a lifetime. He thoroughly enjoyed the flying fox and raft building activity. The blindfolded(trust) walk was something he tried with his friends when he returned home. His confidence level has gone a notch higher post this camp.

I really am grateful to the Team Empower for ensuring that our kids get life skills which will help them survive and be successful and happy in this world. Looking forward to the parent-child summer camp this year. I believe as a parent the most difficult thing is to let go of the invisible ‘umbilical cord’…but do it once and you will see a butterfly emerge out of a caterpillar!