Summer Camp 2018


Summer holidays  is time for your  child/children  to enjoy, have fun, explore new things, make new friends as well as it’s a great time to learn new things.

The greatest gifts that parents can give their children are independence and resiliency, and by selecting OUR CAMPS, you can give both. We can assure you all will see growth, maturity and confidence when he/she will return home. They will be more engaged, giving, and confident.

A program which is being loved by many children and parents over the past years. A program that helps your child to open up, learns new skills, prepares them for challenges and overcome them with less pressure & more abilities and designed in lines with your children age group and learning capabilities; both physical and mental

To enrich the overall personality of participants by giving them exposure to Natural Environment, Experiential Learning, ‘Processed Adventure’, Creativity, Practical education in an outdoor environment, and some cultural activities.

Some of the Activities planned are given below. They may not be followed rigidly as mood and energy levels of participants as well as weather conditions necessitate some modifications.

Going by our motto ‘learns ‘n leisure’ we have redefined the spellings of FUN. In Empower we spell FUN as FUNNNNNNNNNNNN….N.


INTRODUCTIONS: Knowing self and other members of the team

TEAM FORMULATION AND FLAG MAKING: Building brotherhood and a sense of belonging to a team and the importance of a flag

MORNING PRAYERS. The day starts with a universal prayer.

HARIYALI: An entertaining way to introduce the environment and physical training

And the Campers gradually experience

Campers gradually experience


Duration and Commercials

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