Some of our offerings:

Attitude Boosting Self Confidence Reducing Negativity & Developing Positive Attitude to Life Overcoming Fear of Failure & Rejection Fear of being Ridicule / Overcoming Shyness
Sustainability of Intent & Perseverance Developing Empathy , Sensitivity Self Motivation Leadership Anger Management
Time Management Organised working (How to set priorities in Life) Building Self Image & Self Efficacy Conflict Management / Interpersonal Relationships Stress Management
Goal Setting Grooming and Etiquette Communications Skills Presentations Skills

Imagine two individuals with completely identical qualifications competing for the same job, contract or

position.Who would win? Of course the candidate with better soft skills!


Let us look at another scenario.

There are two companies offering similar product, vying for the same contract with a client. The first company’s representative is all technical and is not too good at people skills. The second company’s representative really listens, asks the right questions and matches the client’s needs with his employer’s offerings. No prizes for guessing which company gets the contract!

Soft skills are an essential part of personal and professional success, and they are not taught in any school or university.


Nature has some role to play in how good a person’s soft skills are, but nurture has a stronger role to play.

Communication, friendliness, optimism, can-do attitude, every soft skill can be taught and strengthened through training.Soft Skills Training is something than cannot be ignored in a country like India where the education system completely ignores this aspect. For a company or corporate, their employees are the link between the company and the external world, including their clients.

Thus, grooming employees should be considered by corporate houses as an important investment in their human resources.

Companies get dual benefits by enrolling their employees in a soft skills training programme. Firstly, the company reaps the benefits in terms of better client relations, better inter-departmental communications and an overall improvement in brand image. Secondly, the employees feel cared for, as the company is contributing to their professional and career growth, which in turn increases employee loyalty.

Empower’s Soft Skills Training Programs:

Empower’s team has about four decades of experience in training people, with more than 400 successful training

programs to our credit. We are proud to have trained the workforce of companies like Pepsi, ICICI Bank and Kotak.

Empower’s Soft Skills Training programs are completely customizable as per client requirements. They are carefully designed after evaluating client’s training needs.

Soft Skill Training Session

Soft Skill Training Session 2

Soft Skill Training Session