What can you do on a Leisure Getaway at EmpowerCamp?

Leisure Activities at Empower Camp:

  • Picnic and play
  • Reconnect with extended family
  • Have a mini college reunion
  • Have a learn ‘n’ leisure office offsite
  • Adventure with old friends
  • A yoga camp
  • Chill out and restock on energy
  • Gorge on lungfuls of fresh air and green therapy to the eyes
There is one thing that can cure boredom, stress and fatigue. The same thing can also make you feel good, increase productivity and decrease your cortisol levels and body mass index. Oh no, we are not taking about some latest medical innovation or some miracle cure of a Godman.Believe us, it is a leisure getaway, to a place which offers the right mix of Leisure, Play and Recreation. Without burning a hole in your pocket. Picnics, Leisure Getaways, Offsites.  The names change, but the benefits are always there. From relaxing and recharging to providing bonding time with your colleagues; from catching up with your extended family to getting lost in the tranquil surroundings and finding yourself, a leisure getaway can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. Not to mention your productivity and energy levels.

Empower Camp is set up at an idyllic location with a magnificent backdrop. This is a great place for nature lovers to escape for a quick getaway from the noise and hustle bustle of Mumbai or Pune. Our camp is surrounded by lush greenery, hills, a lake and a river.

We offer a serene, quiet environment of peace and tranquillity for people who like to just chill; and for people who find adventure to be the real stress-buster, we offer a range of adventure activities to choose from.

Check out our Adventure Activity List to know more.

  Why take a quick getaway to Empower Camp from Mumbai or Pune?

  • Instant stress buster
  • Can be fit into a weekend
  • No need for expensive flights or hotels
  • Affordable
  • An ideal location for groups of 10+ pax


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