Gazebo – The Hub at Empower

Waking up to the chirping of birds and breathing in the fresh air abundant with oxygen is going to whet your appetite for a sumptuous breakfast. The rigors of the activities and the calories consumed by the sheer fun of adventure need to be nourished with well-balanced meals.

Gazebo – The Community Dining Lounge

Our community dining lounge, Gazebo is designed to be in tune with the outdoors theme all around. A Gazebo is synonymous with rest and recuperation, and our Gazebo makes sure you are well nourished for all the fun and learning ahead.Besides being a Food Pavilion, the Gazebo is a happening place at the camp. It has the Reception, a Tuck Shop, a Telephone Booth, a Cold Drink counter and a First Aid Centre. The Gazebo also adorns, with pride and a little humility, the logos of our elite clientele.During inclement weather or otherwise we have an option of conducting activities in the 40 Ft the hexagon shaped Gazebo.


An Architectural Feat:

You may find the roof to be a unique feature designed by our architect – Dhanajay Salkar. Instead of six triangles traditionally forming the roof of thew Gazebo we have three parallelograms.