Empower the Next Generation with Outbound, Experiential Learning!

Kids Camp at Empower

The child is the father of man, and the students are the future of our society. A student may or may not remember what is taught in the classroom, but practical learning is something that is never forgotten. Kids Camps are an ideal way to teach kids and youngsters crucial life skills that can only be learnt in a practical environment.

However, more often than not, kids camps are perceived as a picnic or excursion. Empower is here to change all that. Our team has rich experience in training students and their teachers, and is passionate about empowering them with life skills and a better personality. We have a range of programs on offer which cater to every possible combination of students, teachers and parents.

Our aim is to make the entire learning experience fun for everyone involved in education– students, parents, teachers and principals. All our programmes focus on outbound, experiential learning. We see ourselves as an extension of the vision of a school, college or institute and customize our training modules to be in sync with the objectives of the academic institution that we are working with.

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Empower offers custom built outdoor, residential camps to hone and perfect the young minds of students. Empower’s camp is learning with fun. Its more than just adventure. Each student picks crucial life skills from each activity that he participates in. This is achieved by what is known as “Processed Adventure”.

Why Processed Adventure?

The benefits of pure adventure usually stop with the immediate thrill derived from the activity. Processed adventure is a scientific approach to use outdoor activities as a means to change perceptions and attitudes, and thereby transform mindsets.

Empower’s carefully developed and executed methodologies have given wonderful results. The benefits are immediate yet long-lasting. We keep hearing from parents about their child changing for the better after returning from our camp.

You can take a look at some testimonials and videos here.

Instead of telling them what to do, hear them say, ‘I need to do this’!

Empower’s modules are also designed to be well-balanced, with a judicious mix of creative activities, adventure activities, environmental awareness and field trips and even army boot camp basics.

Empower’s seasonal camps for students are not about the usual singing, dancing or painting. They are not just about trekking or sight-seeing, although that could be a part of the agenda. Our camps are geared to give the student a taste of the real world. Here, you can choose to include a choice selection of fun activities like cycling, flying kites and riding in bullock carts, or activities that aim at teaching the importance of conservation and survival, like river crossing, kitchen gardening or rain water harvesting.

We also have games to teach leadership, time management, team work and setting of goals. We come up with itineraries custom built for each season, like summer camps, monsoon masti camps and winter holiday camps. One of our recent offers that has become a super success is our MAD Camps. Here is a video.




GururDevoBhava, says our culture, which means that the teacher is like a God. There is a reason behind this saying. Teachers are in a unique position to mould and influence the young minds, apart from teaching them subjects from the syllabus. The team at Empower understands this crucial contribution of the teaching community and has designed special programmes to improve the way they carry out their noble mission.

Our teacher’s training programmes have been developed with an objective of creating collaboration between teachers, where they can share their learnings, learn about the latest methodologies and innovations in teaching and so on, thereby making teaching more effective and interesting.

  • Includes interaction with teachers of different schools.
  • Leads to exchange of teaching innovations and solutions.
  • Conducted for better, effective and efficient methods of teaching.
  • Making teaching interesting.
  • Motivational programmes for teachers.
  • Self-esteem workshops.
  • Experiential Learning Workshop.




Principals have a special role to play in the overall success of a school and its students. A principal is more than a senior teacher or as called in the old times, head-master. The knowledge and thinking of a principal not only affects the policies and priorities of a school, it also impacts the overall morale of the teachers and students.

The Principal is a leader – just like the CEO of a company. The Principal has a vision for the future, handles HR, Administration, Finance, Marketing, PR, Sports and so on.

The transformation from a teacher to a Principal needs some training. We have ventured to create a 3 days residential ‘Education Leadership Camp.’Empower’s leadership training programs are aimed at making Principals rise up to their true potential, to be more successful and effective.

These seminars are customized to suit the group, based on their interests and any particular areas that they would like to focus on.

  • Conducted with an aim to groom principals and prospective principals as educational leaders.
  • Change their mindsets from senior teacher to the role of a CEO in a company.
  • Provides assistance to principals in terms of innovation, networking, training and support.




These camps are for children from age group of 6-12 yrs. While the children are busy in their activities, we conduct activities for mothers on ‘Effective Parenting’.

The hectic lifestyles of today’s parents and the busy schedules of their kids, with school, tuitions and extracurricular activities, reduces meaningful, quality time that parents spend with their kids. Our programmes for parents have been developed after thorough research and are aimed to create more meaningful interactions between parents and children.

Conducted during vacations:

  • Encourages healthy interaction between parents and children.
  • Covers subjects and facts related to the Child’s Personality Development.



This programme is designed for close bonding and building a better understanding between all the members of a family, and is aimed at fostering positive attitudes that help create a supportive environment within the family, that benefits the children as well as the rest of the family members.

Conducted over weekends:

  • Designed to build and strengthen the bonding amongst the family members.
  • Helps to fill communication gaps amongst the family members.