Empower’s core competencies in training corporate executives:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Building
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Risk Management
  • Handling Failure
  • Motivation
  • Handling Diverse Teams
  • Creativity
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Social Graces
  • Grooming
  • Body Language
  • Working with Teams
  • Meeting Timelines
Why Empower Camp and Empower’s training programmes?
  • Empower Camp is a custom built training and adventure resort.
  • Proven expertise, having conducted over 400 training programmes.
  • Team brings a collective training experience of more than 60 years.
  • Training module for each client tailor made to suit a client’s training needs.
  • Diverse range of activities and options to choose from.
  • Training that is fun, with the concept of learn ‘n’ leisure.


It is often said that employees are the most valuable resource of a company.Are you getting the best out of your employees?

The performance of your employees is highly dependent on teamwork, trust and effective communication skills. To perform at their optimum levels and achieve organizational objectives, the team needs time out and trust building exercises.

How do you do it? Seating them in an A/C room and lecturing while pointing towards a power-point presentation is going to achieve nothing, apart from boring them so much that they either go to sleep or start day-dreaming in their cushy chairs.

What you really need is to take the employees out of their comfort zone, make the ambience drastically different from their office setup, and set them to tasks where interdependence is inevitable. Stated simply, get them to an outdoor camp offering an expansive range of customizable activities that look like fun, but are actually intended to teach them something through experience, leading to self realization

Partner with Empower to get the best out of your team. Because we believe in Education through Recreation, and we have proven expertise, having conducted over 400 training programmes themed around outbound, experiential learning. How outbound experiential learning can improve the performance of your team and your company:

Modern and successful companies have already embraced the concept of outbound experiential learning, as it is a cutting edge tool in management development and personality enrichment programmes. When it comes to personality development and team building, class-room style teaching and learning have a lot of limitations. This is where outbound experiential learning plays a critical role, where training is a hidden objective in a fun learning session.

A team with better life skills and working together in a close-knit manner can do wonders for your company.In fact, each of your employees is perceived as a representative of your company whenever they interact with the outside world, whether it is a client or a shareholder. An employee with better management skills and personality will automatically bring better ROI from each of their interactions.

If you find training expensive, please try ignorance!


Options available for corporate training programmes:
  • Residential Leadership and Team Building Camps at our camp site at Kolad.
  • Residential Leadership and Team Building Camps at a venue of your choice.
  • Corporate Sales Meets and Conferences with a value adding element of Team Building.
  • Indoor workshops/seminars/motivational lectures/psychometric assessments and
    analysis at your premises.
  • Off Sites.
  • Day Packages.


Book a Corporate Training Session with Empower, and trust us, your employees will thank you for it. Not only will they remember the learnings, this camp will form a part of their dinner conversations for years to come.



DCC- Dynamic Challenge Course


Great Escape

Trust-Walk-corporate-trainingTrust Walk

Raft Building at Empower Camp Corporate Training

Raft- Building