Activity Area at Empower Camp

Water Fall Gazebo at Empower Camp Water Fall gazebo Gol Hut Gazebo at Empower Camp Gol Hut Rendezvous Gazebo at Empower Camp Rendezvous (RV) Surya Mandal Gazebo at Empower Camp
Surya Mandal
Lake Side Gazebo at Empower Camp
Lake Side Gazebo
Most of the 50 acres vast and open landscape forms the Activity Area of Empower Camps. The place where all action takes place.The Activity Area has open grounds with sports like Foot Cricket, Jungle Golf, Volley Ball etc. It also has a DCC (Dynamic Challenge Course – a very powerful Leadership and Team Building tool), Rope course with Flying Fox, Burma Bridge, a Fast Track Obstacle course, A Target Shooting Range, a Trust Track, Paint Ball Arena, Para Sailing Ground etc. We have a dynamic development of activities in this area.

Beautiful Lake at Empower Camp

The Western end of this beautiful landscape is adorned by the lake. A vast water body where we conduct a host of water activities – both for training and for leisure. This lake goes dry from Dec/Jan to Jun when we use a lake about 6 km away. River Kunadalika, which is in close proximity, permits us another adventure sport – White Water Rafting, round the year.The Activity Area or the Training Area, as you may like to call it, is the modern Gurukul. Going by the Gurukul traditions, our unique class rooms under trees or open air shelters called Gazebos. These are the ones where we sit down after an outdoor activity to share our experiences and learn through a process called the debriefing.
We have the following Gazebos:-1. Waterfall Gazebo2. Gol Hut

3. Rendezvous (RV)

4. Surya Mandal

5. Lake Side Gazebo