Summer Camps for Kids 2017 Dates Announced


Empower Activity Camps is pleased to announced the schedule for 2017 Summer Camps for Kids. Let the FUNNNNNNN begin this summer!

We conducted camps at full capacity last summer and there were many children we could not accommodate. Hence this year we are conducting two summer camps every month during March, April and May 2017, dates as follows:

  • 22-24 March 2017 (2N-3D Camp)-FULL
  • 27-30 March 2017 (3N-4D Camp) -FULL
  • 19-21 April 2017 (2N-3D Camp)-FULL
  • 25-28 April 2017 (3N-4D Camp)-FULL
  • 8-11 May 2017 (3N-4D Camp)
  • 24-27 May 2017 (3N-4D Camp)-FULL

 Camp costs only Rs. 10,999 per children.  More about the Duration and Commercials here. 

We have added activities to the Summer Camp Itinerary to make it even more interesting, engaging and effective. 

Given the high demand we would encourage you to Book seats for your children before they are sold out!